Apailuck Tan

By December 6, 2017Graduate Stories

Apailuck Tan

Founder of The New YOU Academy and AICI (As a founder and President)

“Professinalism : AIM works professionally to help you grow.

International : Taking a course at AIM is to upgrade yourself and get you ready to work globally. “

A Founder and President of AICI Thailand.
A Founder and President of the New YOU Academy.
Achieved the award of Rising star 2017 from AICI Global conference, Mexico.

The first time I remember being inspired to become an image consultant...

It was there all the time without myself realizing it.

Out of alternative image consulting training provider options, how I decided on AIM despite higher course fees...

I met Christina in Malaysia on an education day. I like her style and the way she transferred knowledge professionally. After talking with her, I followed her to Singapore a few months later to attend the course. It’s the RIGHT decision I’ve made.

My ``Ah hah!`` moment during an AIM course...

Many. But what impacted the most was when I learned about colors. It connected the dots in my life.

The AIM course has benefited me personally and professionally in several ways...

As an individual, learning from AIM shaped me into becoming someone more grounded and authentic. I found my TRUE passion here. As a professional, AIM helps me see to the GLOBAL vision and work globally.

The three most important things I did immediately after the course and why I did them were...

1. Review : As there are lots of information, I need to review and draft them into course outline for my future courses.

2. Mental self-talk and asking myself what is my TRUE VALUE, what are my aspirations and what I want to convey to the world. This is to make it more impactful and to realize why I do what I do.

3. KICK off: Get started and just do it instead of waiting. Action shapes sharper weapon.

Here’s what I accomplish within 6 months to a year after completing my course at AIM...

6 months after completing ImageAsia programme, I start my training programmes almost right away. Within that period I started writing my own book called The New You which is also the name as my company. I conducted many corporate trainings, public courses and large seminars.

When my friends ask about my course learning experience at AIM, here’s what I tell them...

  1. Professinalism : AIM works professionally to help you grow.
  2. International : Taking a course at AIM is to upgrade yourself and be ready to work globally.
  3. Networking: You will have classmates from all over the world which helps a lot when you go out to work in the real world.

If there was something you could have told yourself before you started the course, what would it be?

I’d check what are my aspirations? The Message I want to tell the world. What knowledge I’d convey to others to help them shine.

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