Kanako Mori

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image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach
image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach

Kanako Mori

Image & Beauty Consultant

“Christina is a wonderful mentor. I have become more confident and positive. I managed to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and can now grow my image consulting business!”

Kanako is certified as an Image Consultant by Academy of Image Mastery and London Image Institute and trained by the world’s top Image Masters – Ms Christina Ong, Ms Lynne Marks, and Ms Sarah Hathorn. Being a multi-talented woman with passion in science, music, perfume, fashion, beauty, and nutrition, Kanako combined her talents and experiences in her career as an Image and Beauty Consultant to bring confidence to others through transforming their image.  She started her career at Jill Lowe International Image Consultant and trained individuals and corporate companies, in topics of image, nutrition, wedding preparation, and communication between 2009 and 2013.  After her maternity break for her second child, she started her own image consultancy named L’Atelier K (Workshop K).

After graduating from Sophia University (Japan) majoring in chemistry, Kanako studied in a renowned perfumery institute ISIPCA in France as a scholar for the French Government to become a perfumer.  She also worked in Shiseido International S.A.S (France) and Procter and Gamble Health and Beauty Care Europe (United Kingdom) and has also created award-winning fragrances for the Asia Pacific Market.

With her rare abilities as a perfumer and image consultant, she helped numerous clients to beauty from a visual and sensuous perspective.  Having lived in Tokyo, London, Paris and now in Singapore, she possess a cosmopolitan and cross-cultural flair for fashion. Her unique and elegant style management has been impressing and helping people from different age groups, culture and nationalities, from individuals to corporations.

The first time I remember being inspired to become an image consultant...

I met my first image consultant when I was 18 years old.  She was my mother’s school friend and because of her my mother started changing her wardrobe. I envied my mother for that and I requested my mother to send me to her friend for consultation as a reward  when I passed the exam to enter my university.

Out of alternative image consulting training provider options, how I decided on AIM despite higher course fees...

I heard a good testimonial from one of graduates. I also talked to the AIM team as well as Christina personally and they were very caring and helpful. 

My ``Ah hah!`` moment during an AIM course...

During the advanced course conducted by three Image Masters, I was told that I had been carrying lots of negativities in my life that had been stopping me from going forward in my career.  And I broke down because I had to face to the truth and I felt much better after that.

The AIM course has benefited me personally and professionally in several ways...

I became more confident and positive. I made wonderful friendships with course mates. I became more confident and assured because I have a wonderful mentor, Ms Christina and I managed to fill in lots of gap in my knowledge. I also found bigger potential in the Image Consulting business.

The three most important things I did immediately after the course and why I did them were...

  1. Shared with friends that I obtained a diploma from AIM and London Image Institute!
  2. Start doing consultation using Colour Smart System
  3. Changed my wardrobe to Bright Spring/Dramatic

Here’s what I accomplish within 6 months to a year after completing my course at AIM...

  1. Worked as a volunteer for elderly makeover project
  2. Professional profile photo shoots for myself
  3. Building my own website
  4. Group Workshop
  5. Photo shoots for a client
  6. Increase of business for individual consultation

When my friends ask about my course learning experience at AIM, here’s what I tell them...

  1. The course is very comprehensive and updated
  2. Fantastic support even after the course
  3. ColourSmart System is superior to any existing analysis tool.

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