Olen Juarez-Lim

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image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach
image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach

Olen Juarez-Lim

Image and Brand Coach

AIM has benefited me in many ways. Aside from the knowledge and learning, the support and guidance they provided was something I could not get anywhere else. It moulded me to become a better person and to ultimately be better in doing what I’m passionate about as an image consultant.”

Popularly known as Ms. O, she has been inspiring and empowering individuals and organisations that seek to  develop a competitive and profitable advantage by delivering dynamic training programmes in Image Management, Professional Presence, Civility, Business Etiquette, International Protocol and Customer Service.

She is the founder and President of the OJL Consulting Group and has been mentored by the masters of the industry. Ms. O is the first Filipina to be certified as a Professional Image Development Consultant by the London Image Institute and Imageworks Asia (Singapore). She is also a Certified International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant by the Protocol School of Washington and Director of Affiliate Development in the Philippines for Civility Experts Worldwide, Master Trainer for ICTC, and authorised Civility Experts Products Distributor. She is the only Filipina Certified Civility Expert by Culture Coach and Center for Organizational Cultural Competence.

Ms. Olen Juarez-Lim was awarded the prestigious JANE SEGERSTROM International AICI Award. The AICI Jane Segerstrom International Award is bestowed upon a person who has helped to further AICI’s worldwide association and industry vision. Ms. O is the first ever Filipina to be given this prestigious award by AICI, truly showcasing the Filipina as world class.

For over a decade, Ms. O’s talent as a trainer and passion for excellence has made her an icon in the local industry. She has mentored and coached aspiring image consultants and her naturally engaging charm and personality, her depth of experience and knowledge, and her passion for the industry cements her status as one of the stalwarts of professional image development in the Philippines today. With these credentials, there is no question that Ms. O is the most sought-after credible resource person on topics dealing with branding, civility, etiquette, health, beauty, fitness, and image management.

Ms. O is not only recognised as one of the industry’s best, her exemplary work and accomplishments

have raised the bar for the image, etiquette, civility and protocol industry in the Philippines.

The first time I remember being inspired to become an image consultant...

After modelling, I really got interested in image and branding and was excited to gain concrete knowledge and background from AIM!

Out of alternative image consulting training provider options, how I decided on AIM despite higher course fees...

I’ve always believed in value for money. Education and a good solid foundation was important to me especially since I was serious on embarking on this career. I researched several programmes out there and found that AIM has what I’m looking for. And I have no regrets at all.

My ``Ah hah!`` moment during an AIM course...

There were several a-ha moments but one I cannot forget is when I asked Christina what separates us from stylists, she said that as image consultants, we help our clients make intelligent decisions on their brand. It’s not enough to feed them the right clothes or colour or style, we need to help them do this process for themselves.

The AIM course has benefited me personally and professionally in several ways...

Aside from the knowledge and learnings, the support and guidance that was given to me was something I think I could not get anywhere else. It molded me to become a better person and ultimately be better in my job.

The three most important things I did immediately after the course and why I did them were...

Three things I immediately did after the course was: become a member of AICi, get my certification, and started a business and called myself a Certified Image Consultant.

Here’s what I accomplish within 6 months to a year after completing my course at AIM...

Since I was already in the business of consulting, the education helped me put structure in the programs Im offering. I garnered more clients and repeat clients who were interested in what I had to offer. I was able to accomplish more than I expected having to put myself out there as a credible resource person on Image, Etiquette, Protocol and Civility.

When my friends ask about my course learning experience at AIM, here’s what I tell them...

I have mentored and already recommended other aspiring Image Consultants here in the Philippines to take the Aim course. When they come and ask me where they should go, no doubt I recommend AIM for 3 simple reasons:


  1. Value for money
  2. Education for credibility and
  3. The best coaches support: Christina and Lynne. They’re the best tandem there is.

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