To develop your fullest potential, we go to great lengths to expose you to a Faculty of industry thought leaders and master trainers.

If you want to be best in any field, learn from people with a proven track record of success. AIM faculty trainers are masters in their chosen field of expertise. There is no other place where you will find such a passionate faculty of internationally-certified masters who are dedicated to one mission – providing world class image education that will inspire, equip and empower your success. After all, we are the top image consulting institute in Asia.

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Christina Ong

Founder & Master Trainer

Christina is a visionary trailblazing pioneer in the field of image consulting in Asia, having clocked over 20 years of experience. Through her dedicated work with thousands of clients, she has gained the well-earned reputation for being an exceptional trainer and someone who is truly committed to creating extraordinary results.

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AIM (Greater China)

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Priscilla Chan AICI CIP

AIM (Greater China) Managing Partner & Training Director

“I’m honoured to be the Training Director for Academy of Image Mastery (Greater China)’s Hong Kong centre! We are here to provide the highest standards of international image education to prepare image consultants to meet the growing demand in personal image and corporate branding in Asia. I believe every image consultant has unique talents and I’m passionate to develop their fullest potential!” ~ Priscilla Chan

Priscilla constantly seeks to expand her clients’ and students’ spheres of influence by building on their newly acquired knowledge and skills as a tool for personal and professional transformation. She is a compassionate, creative and visionary image and etiquette educator and certified coach.

Since establishing P.C. Image Consulting in August 2003 in Hong Kong, Priscilla has garnered excellent feedback as a talented trainer with a friendly, passionate and motivational delivery style. Over the past decade, Priscilla has worked with top international and regional brands, including Chanel, AXA China Region Insurance and Wing Hang Bank. Being fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, she successfully clinched and retained the Chanel training project from 2010 to 2015 to groom and equip their entire sales force in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.

Priscilla is an AICI (the Association of Image Consultants International) Certified Image Professional. From 2008 to 2010, she served as President of AICI Hong Kong Chapter. In 2012, she was reappointed as President and has actively supported the growth of image consultants as its longest serving President. Her greatest achievement was the successful organisation of the first AICI Asia Conference in HK in 2016. The conference brought 150 image consultants from China and across Asia together for an unforgettable session of education, networking and celebration. She is a visionary leader with strong problem solving skills.

In 2015, Priscilla Chan was appointed by Christina Ong, founder of the Academy of Image Mastery, as AIM’s first regional Managing Partner and Training Director. AIM (Greater China) was established to provide Mandarin medium AICI CEU image and etiquette courses facilitated by Priscilla in Hong Kong and China. AIM (Greater China) students love the passion that Priscilla pours into training and mentoring them to become the best image consultants in our industry.

Thomas Koon AICI CIC

Operation Partner & Trainer

“It’s an honour to be a Director of Operations at the Academy of Image Mastery (Greater China) here in Hong Kong because it helps to fulfil my mission of empowering more people in Asia to benefit from well-trained image consultants.” ~ Thomas Koon

Thomas has long been fascinated with how successful people communicate and influence others through effective personal branding. Over a decade of experience managing regional sales and business operations for a well-established building materials corporation, Thomas witnessed the power of image and etiquette in personal branding. He worked with a cross-section of business professionals from Europe, United States and many Asian countries and saw the need for cross-cultural image and etiquette standards to enhance relationships and job effectiveness.

His wealth of corporate experience led him to pursue image consulting as a career. He understands first-hand the difference that image consulting makes to personal enrichment and professional development. In 2011, Thomas joined forces with Priscilla Chan as Business Operations Manager for P.C. Image Consulting (Hong Kong) and discovered his passion for training. Over the last five years, Thomas has established himself as a trainer sought after by sales and service professionals. He is currently developing business etiquette courses with relevance to East-West cross cultural applications.

In 2015, Thomas was appointed as the Academy Operations Director, AIM (Greater China) with an office based in Hong Kong. His logical, in-depth thinking, operational experience and passion for image education has helped the Academy of Image Mastery to position itself to offer AICI CEU-approved image and etiquette courses in Mandarin to aspiring image consultants in Hong Kong and China.

Thomas has attained the AICI Certified Image Consultant and IITTI Certifications and is actively contributing to the image industry as Treasurer, AICI Hong Kong Chapter. He also serves on several committees for AICI conferences, community events and networking activities aimed at advancing the profession of image consultants.

Serena Chan MBA, DACE

Business Development Director

“The joy of supporting our passionate master trainers and the experience of witnessing sustainable transformation in our participants, are truly inspiring. What a privilege it is to join forces with thought leaders who sincerely care for others, to bring out the very best in them.” – Serena Chan

Serena is a keen advocate for branding and people development. Having held senior management positions in sales, marketing, business development and human resource management, she is an all-rounder who supports the design and development of various training tools and materials at AIM, while engaging with existing and aspiring image consultants to support their requests for more information about AIM’s courses and resources.

Prior to joining the Academy, Serena was General Manager for leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle publications at Singapore Press Holdings’ Magazines unit, responsible for the publishing and marketing of popular titles such as Her World, Shape, Simply Her, Men’s Health, Nuyou and Icon. Over the past five years, she has pursued advancements in training and development, and attained a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) with high distinctions. Through the lens of a professionally certified curriculum developer, Serena has been able to lend greater support to the training design and development efforts at AIM. In 2013, she became a Business Director of Imageworks, actively promoting the importance of professional image and etiquette training to corporate clients in Singapore and across Asia.

Alliance Partners

Lynne Marks AICI CIM

Alliance Partner, ImageAsia®

“One of the most rewarding experiences in my life has been to partner with Christina Ong to design and develop the ImageAsia® programme.” ~ Lynne Marks`}`

Lynne has an unparalleled background in all facets of image consulting and is among the most experienced image consultant trainers in the world.

After graduating from London University, she pioneered post-graduate research in Body Language and non-verbal communication skills, when they were virtually uncharted territory! Heading the image and Fashion Modelling department at the London College of Fashion, she became experienced in image, colour theory, design, tailoring, garment construction, fashion trends and forecasting, fashion show production, makeup and modelling. She produced, choreographed and directed hundreds of fashion show extravaganzas and trained and consulted internationally.

After moving to the US, Lynne opened London Image Institute with two divisions: Image Consulting Training and Corporate Consulting, offering programmes in Image Management, Executive Presence, Communication and Presentation skills, to companies such as American Express, The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola, AT&T and CNN Sports. She later joined forces with two other specialists in Corporate and Personal Branding and designed and delivered in-depth transformative programmes for the Executive and Management levels on Branding, Team Development and Executive Presence for multinational organisations such as United Airlines, Pacific Dunlop, Minnesota Mutual and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Her individual clients include some of the top US executives and politicians to whom she coaches visual, non-verbal, interpersonal communication, interview and presentation skills and personal branding.

In 2004, she took London Image Institute’s Image Consulting Training division international and one of the most rewarding experiences of her life has been the alliance partnership with Christina Ong, founder of the Academy of Image Mastery. Together, they designed and developed the ImageAsia® programme. Now, after over a decade of training successful image consultants in Asia, the ImageAsia® programme has become the most acclaimed and respected image consulting institute in Asia and the only programme offering two AICI Image Masters and a unique East-West approach to image consulting.

Lynne is the author of two image-industry bestsellers, a transformational coach, speaker and twice International President of AICI. She is dedicated to developing the careers of professional image consultants and continues to train them around the world.

image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach

Carla Mathis AICI CIM

Alliance Partner, MasteryClass Identity & Style

“I have enjoyed a long friendship with AIM as a valued alliance partner since 2005. Christina is one of my most outstanding mentees who is pioneering the growth of image consulting in Asia through AICI.” ~ Carla Mathis`}`

Carla Mathis is a pioneer and sought-after trainer in the Image industry. She is one of the few stylists to have worked and taught with Suzanne Caygill, the woman who pioneered Image Consulting. One of only 13 Certified Image Masters (CIM) worldwide, Carla Mathis provides image consulting for individuals and groups in the USA and internationally. Her landmark book, The Triumph of Individual Style, used in design schools in the US and abroad has become the ‘bible’ of the personal image industry.
Carla is co-founder and instructor of the Style Core Institute (, and has trained a network of stylists from around the world. She is a founding member of both the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and Colour Designers International (CDI), the two preeminent professional associations in the field. The Style Core is based in Northern California, with courses held in San Francisco and around the world.

In South Asia, Carla has enjoyed a long friendship as a valued alliance partner with AIM since 2005. A decade earlier, Christina completed an extensive period of personal design training with Carla and progressed to become one of Carla’s most outstanding mentees pioneering the professional growth of image consulting through AICI in Asia. Carla and Christina share a common vision for empowering women and men to change the world through Image Consulting with passion and purpose.

Sarah Hathorn AICI CIM

Alliance Partner, Marketing & Sales

“I am honoured and excited to partner with AIM in the AIM MasterClass™ series because they provide some of the most elite image consultants training in the world.” ~ Sarah Hathorn

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM, is an internationally-distinguished executive coach, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker. As CEO of three business divisions, Sarah launched her own business during the Great Recession and still managed to triple her revenues in record time, using the same ground-breaking techniques and unique strategies she now teaches.

Sarah has expanded the relevance of image consultants in meeting practical on-the-job challenges faced by her corporate clients. Today she is one of the highest-paid and most sought-after consultants in the industry. Her client list includes major organisations like McDonalds, LexisNexis, General Electric, Home Depot, Kimberly-Clark, McKesson, Sherwin-Williams, Southern Company, Grant Thornton, and many more. Sarah is world renowned for her expertise at helping corporations as well as individual private clients market and scale-up their businesses and brands for greater, more sustainable success.

A former senior level executive in a Fortune 100 company, Sarah brings to the table an uncommon depth and breadth of real world, proven experience and respected credentials. Many of her former protégés now occupy the highest positions within Fortune 500 companies. Sarah is also a former Master Trainer at the London Image Institute and ImageAsia®. As a corporate facilitator, she customises her workshops to include topics around leadership, innovation, influential communications, dynamic presentations, executive presence, and numerous others for top talent and senior executive groups. She has also taught and privately coached hundreds of image consultants worldwide – and has personally studied under the top experts and coaches around the globe. Sarah has collaborated with leaders in more than 35 different countries, and her thought leadership insights have been published by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, U.S. News & World Report, Money Magazine, and – as well as many other publications and media outlets.

Sarah is excited to partner with the Academy of Image Mastery in the AIM MasterClass™ series because the Academy of Image Mastery provides some of the most elite image consultants training in the world. Her vision, values and purpose are in true alignment with AIM, and she believes that it is vital for image consultants to stay on the leading edge of innovation, constantly growing and reinventing themselves to rapidly achieve their ultimate potential.

Faculty Assist Team

Rae Png

AIM Manager

Rae, an Academy Manager with Academy of Image Mastery (AIM) has more than 9 years of service and sales experience and her key domains of practice include adult learning and development, data management, health and wellness, and service excellence. Her previous experiences helped to add value while helping clients to explore the various products and service solutions. Rae is a graduate of Academy of Image Mastery where she attained her Diploma in Image Consulting. She also has a Bachelor Degree in Business Management.

Rae has an appreciation for fine arts and is a firm believer of healthy living attainable through fitness and proper dietary habits.

Amanda See Toh

Faculty Course Manager

“As an AIM Faculty member for over a decade, I have witnessed innumerable heart-warming, inspiring and powerful image transformations. I especially enjoy the passion, strong camaraderie and synergy with the AIM team who are dedicated individuals committed to help bring positive change to all our students.” ~ Amanda See Toh

Amanda started her image practice, Signature Style, in 2007 with the vision ‘Transforming Individuals. Changing Lives.’ She specialises in personal image transformation by empowering individuals with practical skills on colour, style, makeup and wardrobe management to help them look and feel their personal best. Amanda believes every individual is special and unique so her image programmes are specially personalised for her clients.

In 2006, Amanda made a significant decision to leave a successful teaching career to pursue image consulting full time. Her training at the Academy of Image Mastery (AIM) equipped her with strong technical skills and laid a solid foundation to help launch her dream career.

As an outstanding alumna from AIM, Amanda was invited to assist in the ImageAsia® Image Essentials training course. She has been an AIM Faculty member since 2007, supporting and mentoring aspiring image consultants in Asia during their training in Singapore and Hong Kong. Over the years, her affable and warm personality has helped to build a network of industry colleagues and friends across the globe.

Amanda is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the leading and largest international professional association for image professionals. She is certified and coached by three celebrated and award-winning industry leaders and AICI-Certified Image Masters (CIM): Carla Mathis, Founder of The Style Core; Lynne Marks, President of London Image Institute; and Christina Ong, Founding Director of the Academy of Image Mastery. Amanda holds a diploma in ImageAsia® Training, an internationally acclaimed advance image consulting and professional development programme. She is skilled in the area of makeup artistry with a ProMakeup Makeover™ certification. She is also a Style Core Certified Stylist.

May Chan

Graduate Faculty Tutor

May Chan is an energetic and progressive AIM alumna who completed the ImageAsia® Diploma alliance programme by the prestigious London Image Institute and the Academy of Image Mastery in 2014.

Prior to embarking on her own image consulting business in Hong Kong, May had 15 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Service Quality Management. She rose through the hospitality industry ranks from operations- to director-level management with established brands such as The Langham Hotel International and the GR8 Leisure Concepts Group. She is a seasoned developer and bilingual trainer (English/Mandarin).

May is Vice President of the AICI Hong Kong Chapter, Associate of IITTI for Hong Kong and China. She actively supports image education and community projects to promote the social awareness of image and etiquette.

New image consultants who have met May at the Academy of Image Mastery and at AICI events will attest to the fact that she is knowledgeable, resourceful and extremely helpful in supporting their professional learning and development needs. In 2015, May was appointed AIM faculty tutor to support AIM’s community-based continuing image education for graduates.

Special Thanks to the volunteers of AIM, applause!

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