William Wu

By April 28, 2017Graduate Stories

William Wu

Founder of an Image Consultant Company

I am William, I have been an image consultant for five years. I am Principal Consultant and Founder of JSColour and the President of AICI China Shenzhen Chapter. My image consultant service clients include companies from different industries, senior managers and bosses. I am also the image consultant of a few TV shows on China Shenzhen TV and China Jiangsu TV.

The first time I remember being inspired to become an image consultant...

I feel happy when I know I can master one technique that can help others increase their power, feel more confident and comfortable with their image.

Out of alternative image consulting training provider options, how I decided on AIM despite higher course fees...

The core of the AIM course attracted me. They are useful, practical and international.

My ``Ah hah!`` moment during an AIM course...

On the first day of class, I learned that as an image consultant, you need to consider your client’s needs not just objectively but also subjectively.

The AIM course has benefited me personally and professionally in several ways...

As a person, AIM let me discover who I am. I know myself more, that is very important in my life. As a professional, AIM helped me attract my clients and let me become closer to them.

The three most important things I did immediately after the course and why I did them were...

Joined AICI because it is a big family for all image consultants around the world. Used the technique that I learned in AIM in my customer service. I adjusted my business offerings because I know everyone will do their best in what they are good at.

Here’s what I accomplish within 6 months to a year after completing my course at AIM...

Now my company has built stable partnerships with several organisations from different industries, such as hospitals, education and finance.

When my friends ask about my course learning experience at AIM, here’s what I tell them...

  1. I learnt so much about professional knowledge of image consulting from AIM.
  2. I am much clearer on how to start my image business.
  3. It was a great opportunity to learn from the best teachers, Christina and Lynne.

If there was something you could have told yourself before you started the course, what would it be?

I think I will ask myself why I have not attended the AIM course earlier.

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