Yoko Ishikawa

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image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach
image consultant consulting consultancy first impressions LII London Image Institute Image & Me Style Infinity style coach

Yoko Ishikawa

Private Image Consultant

“For me, the best part of the course was the chance to meet world-class consultants and my wonderful classmates. The community spirit that supports on-going learning at AIM is great. They have all inspired me to move forward.”

Yoko was born and raised at a Buddhist temple in Japan.

After graduating from Syracuse University in New York State, Yoko worked as a sales and marketing specialist for international corporations such as GAP, DoubleClick, and Amazon.  She spent three years in Hoi An, Vietnam, opened and managed a lifestyle boutique and café, worked to promote Hoi An’s tourism in Japanese market. She received the status of “honorary guest” from the Hoi An city government.

After returning to Japan, she searched for a new profession and this is how she found image consulting. After studying with Kayoko Kozu, AICI CIP in Japan, she decided to go  international. She chose AIM because of its high level of education and international environment.

After completing courses at AIM, Yoko started her career as an image consultant. She does private consulting as well as organising seminars.  One of her most successful programmes is profile photo shoot sessions working with a professional photographer. 

Due to her background, she attracts young female executives working for international corporations and IT-related industries. 

Her new target is to educate young people such as school children to be aware of the importance of their image so that they will be able to express themselves better at school and home. She is currently preparing for her sessions at a local high school this year.



The first time I remember being inspired to become an image consultant...

I wanted to help people to transform themselves to be more confident about themselves.

Out of alternative image consulting training provider options, how I decided on AIM despite higher course fees...

After I completed my studies in Japan, I was looking for an international education. I found AIM at the global conference in Washington DC. I decide to study at AIM because of the world-class teachers.

My ``Ah hah!`` moment during an AIM course...

At colour lesson, actually mixing colour was really interesting! Also I was impressed learning how to find one’s colour, both objectively and subjectively. To reach the client’s goal, we have to be subjective sometimes and this idea really opened up my mind.

The AIM course has benefited me personally and professionally in several ways...

To meet the world’s top consultants and wonderful classmates are the best things for me. They are all inspiring and help me to move forward.

The three most important things I did immediately after the course and why I did them were...

  1. Started image consulting
  2. Worked with trial clients
  3. Got feedback from people

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